At the Memorial #9-11

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At the Memorial

I say nothing

You hear everything

Unsaid in our heart.


At the Memorial

I never let go of you

You hold in love

Our heart never alone.


At the Memorial

I see familiar names

You see my face

Sorrow in our heart.


At the Memorial

I smell today not the Day

You breathe hope

Shared in our heart.


At the Memorial

I am not dead

You are here

Our heart alive.



/ for me, my loved ones, and all the heroes of the Day – 9-11.  We remember you absent friends – “united in memory” – as the words on the 9-11 chapel say.  The chapel is where american airlines flight 77 struck the Pentagon. There is a book with pages provided the families to celebrate the life of each name engraved on the wall.  We Remember; the shock as we realized from NYC that we were under attack, the impact, the fireball reflected in the windows of the inner ring, the smell, the smoke, the cracks in brand new walls, the silence of building, the first responders going into burning hell, the soda machines broken into to provide water for the triage at the ground zero cafe, the guards telling us to get away from the building as reports of an another plane headed toward Washington were received, the heroes of flight 93, phones not working as the living tried calling their families, the tears of joy when we came home, the list of the living, the list of the missing, we came back the day after to work while the building still burned, the volunteers that came to support the rescue and recovery operations, the tears as word of missing found dead spread, the people who could not go home forever, that people around the world reached out, the flags grew like flowers in the spring everywhere, a beautiful day became something else, an informal memorial grew on the hillside above the Pentagon, the wounded building standing with our nation’s flag on it, that “it is okay to cry”, and that life and love are precious gifts not to be given away.  We remember and we are stronger.

  1. Sam Parrotto says:

    I appreciate getting such an intimate sense of what it was like to be there – at the Pentagon – and your poem had lots of hope and honor and connection laced throughout it – thank you…

  2. wordcoaster says:

    Love all the “our heart” lines in here–such a wonderful theme, and enjoyed your prose-like memories of that tragic day. Excellent write.

  3. Other Mary says:

    A touching write. The repetition of ‘our heart’ is so moving.

  4. roweeee says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this poem with me and letting me know about your site. I was married 2 days before 9/11 and watched live as the second plane hit the World Trade Centre and remember the confusion and disbelief…and then the horror as the human toll followed. Even though I was sitting at home in Sydney, Australia, I felt like I was almost there in terms of what I could see but unable to respond. Medical friends of my parents were in New York at the time and I was pleased at the time because I thought they could help the injured and expected a huge medical emergency but as we now know, the impact was devastating.
    I haven’t followed events in Washington quite so much. I have friends in the military who knew people at the Pentagon and I can’t imagine what it would be like to go back to work after something like that. We recently had a siege in Sydney’s Martin Place and I have walked past the Lindt Cafe but I don’t think I could bring myself to go in. Why take the risk? There are so many other places to go.
    Take care & God Bless,

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