Blood Red

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Screams call a crowd

What happened here to the floor

Incited red rage


Distant Sacrifice #911 #pentagon #rose

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On a cold January morning

I lay a rose on a sculpture

cold and crisp and fragrant

it can’t mask the terror of that day

the smell of burning jet fuel

many lives bereft

we celebrate who you were

we cry for your untimely death

you bled for our country

and somehow I know you would


where it began

Shadow on the wall matches the dread in our minds

Feel the shockwave shudders of the floor beneath you

In disbelief the fireball window reflection rises

Paths of many swirl in nightmares of fire and smoke

Kick in a door to free the  poor trapped ones within

Yell into smoke along the floor to guide the lost

Undulate with the long human chain to escape

Take stolen water to the triaged burned heroes

Walk out to shouts “run” faster than polio steps

Break the unbreakable windows to let them out

Sent home again from the crime scene of yesterday

So much we left behind wall smudges scars of the heart

By Sean Vessey




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Blood Poppy #haiku

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Timeless war goes on
Peace is only for the dead
Raining blood thunders
Copyright by Sean Vessey 2014

Nightlight #haiku

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Moonlight shoulders shine
One beast howls among heart songs
Amphora desires
/ copyright by Sean Vessey


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Drumbeat pain
Coils in silent screams
In then out
Skin so tight
Touches so gentle feel fire
Cold surrounds last dreams


So many moved on

that’s healthy they say

I ask

can you really shut out that day

when fire and smoke rained

and strong towers fell

when terror was rushing

toward us all

Can you remember the first words

the pictures surreal

a second plane aiming

no accident no drill

brave men and women

responded that day

Americans were proud

to be called that I’d say

There were those who escaped

jaws of death on that day

though so much innocense

was just cast away

Please don’t forget

the sense that we had

we were terror’s victims

an evil that was bad

we should enjoy life

we should move on

but never forget 9/11

the loss

our freedom


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